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Traveling and Promos

Author: Jetsetter
07 15th, 2012

When planning to travel, one of the first steps is to look for a good place to stay. When I say good it means that the place should be clean, quality service and most of all it should be affordable, especially if you are in a tight budget. Most hotels and resorts offer different kinds of promos for a 3 day stay or more. Their promos may range from low rate to free stays and freebies. There are some hotels and resorts that include breakfast packages which allows you to save some for food expenses. These promos may differ depending on the hotel and resort. Their promos can also be in the form of discounted rates when booking at an earlier date or booking for a group of people like the promo rate provided by Costabella Tropical Beach Hotel in Cebu. They give a discounted rate when booking five days earlier. Other information for current local promos can be found online, just search for the list of resorts in the location that you are planning to stay. Promos are great because you don’t only get to enjoy your stay but at the same time you get more than what you are paying for.

Travel Tips

Author: Jetsetter
07 15th, 2012


Flying on airplanes or boats can be very tiring that is why you would need to have reinforcements to help you become entertained and relaxed. Here are a few tips that you can use while you are traveling:

1. Bring a book or a magazine that you can scan through while waiting. You can also bring an mp3player to listen to music or a portable DVD player that you can use, these devices helps kill time and lessens your stress in traveling.

2. Be ready with a sweater. Most planes and boats may have a full blast airconditioning, you don’t want to be shivering through your whole flight.

3. Pack some snacks and drinks.  Snacks to appease your hunger and drinks to keep you from being dehydrated especially during long travel time.

4. Remember to bring medicines, tissue, first aid kit and alcohol. It’s good to be ready and bring along some medicines with you. You wouldn’t enjoy your trip if you are sick.

5. Bring light clothes. Pack light clothes so that your baggage wouldn’t be that heavy. Having a heavy baggage is very inconvenient.

Overcoming Air Travel Fright

Author: Jetsetter
10 23rd, 2010

There’s an old customary belief that when you are nervous or is undergoing a nerve-wracking and tensed moment, just put a coin inside your shoe and you will feel better.  So when you are flying and is afraid of air travels, put a nickel or a dime under your soles, then what?  Of course, there isn’t a scientific basis for this and honestly, it’s hilarious.  Some say that it works for them but I say, that’s purely psychological.


Instead of putting a gold coin inside your shoe, it should be invested and witness how much profit will it return.  Gold always appreciate regardless of the world economic condition that’s why it’s advisable to continuously invest in this precious metal.  There are so many gold commodities from United States Gold Bureau in various forms like coins, ingots and bullions.

10 23rd, 2010

When you are having a vacation or a tour, it won’t hurt if you’ll be safety conscious at all times.  Do remember that wherever you are accidents may always happen and you don’t want a mishap ruining a possible once in a lifetime vacation, right?  Exercising extreme caution is what should be done because a simple slip may end you up in the hospital for a broken hip or something. 


Speaking of broken hips, give O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath a call for consultation if you or you know someone experiencing hip pain and swelling so severe after a hip replacement surgery.  The thing is, it may has to do with the recalled hip replacement systems from DePuy Orthopedics, owned by Johnson & Johnson.  A Depuy recall attorney is what you will need to help file for a product liability claim.

Cheap Travel or a Gold Bullion

Author: Jetsetter
10 22nd, 2010

Every time there’s an enticing promo from airlines, hotels, resorts or travel agencies, I really get excited that I can help but peruse the details immediately, check the travel period validity and our calendar.  If the budget fits, I right away asked the husband if we’re giving it a go.  Occasionally, we avail these alluring promos but more often, we let it just pass with a heavy heart.   Even though they’re relatively cheap, we have to be prudent and must think of our other priorities like savings, amortizations, bills, groceries, transpo, and investment.  Sometimes, we compare which is wiser to spend on: a cheap travel or a gold bullion from the United States Gold Bureau.  As much as we want to just travel, it’s still wise to think about priorities more than anything else.